Time Lapse Photography Camera System

Time Lapse Photography Camera System

The Relive It Time Lapse Camera System is a product by Create It designed for the construction industry. With our time-lapse service we use systems’ that are plug-and-play. These also feature 3G connectivity and are Solar Powered. You can now rove the camera system from site to site as your projects are completed.

Please take and look at our latest Time Lapse Showreel below showcasing our short and long term projects created globally.

Example Time-lapse Videos

Schiavello crane

Schiavello – Village Belle Crane Install

The Village Belle Hotel project for Schiavello prepares for the next stage of construction by installing their crane. To set our videos apart from the rest we i... Read More »

Modscape - Mt Macedon

Modscape – Mount Macedon

Modscape installed a stunningly simple weekender at Mt Macedon. This short video shows the one day installation captured with multiple cameras and aerial footag... Read More »

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Hussey & Co

Hussey & Co

We create cinematically styled corporate videos through the use of drone, timelapse, animation and video footage. Check out the latest production we created for... Read More »

Cotton field Seasol
Video thumbnail for vimeo video

Seasol Cotton Fields

Here is our latest video for Seasol. They wanted us to capture a cotton field harvest up in the country and we think the results are pretty great, but we will l... Read More »

Beaurepaires Truck
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Beaurepaires Truck Promotional Video

Beaurepaires Truck Promotional Video

We were asked to create a video to introduce Beaurepaires new Fleet of Trucks which will be rolling out in Melbourne soon. Using Beaurepaires fresh new branding... Read More »

Mitcham Private Hospital
Video thumbnail for vimeo video

Mitcham Private Hospital Redevelopment

This exciting new time lapse production details the crane installation of a prefabricated modular building for Mitcham Private Hospital. The two day production ... Read More »

Modscape Modular Building Installation
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Modscape Modular Building Installation

Modscape Modular Building Installation

Please have a look at the latest building project from Modscape. This video production was created by using time-lapse photography with 2 cameras from different... Read More »

Broad Constructions
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Broad Constructions Culvert Install - Create It

Broad Constructions Culvert Install

Broad Constructions Culvert Install Whilst the Easter Bunny was flat-out delivering chocolate eggs over the long weekend, Create It were equally busy with a mul... Read More »

Geocrete Concrete Polishers Web Video
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Geocrete Concrete Polishers - Create It

Geocrete Concrete Polishers Web Video

Geocrete Concrete Polishers Web Video Create It was recently commissioned by Melbourne company Geocrete to produce a promotional video for their website. Geocre... Read More »

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