Our Services

Video Production Services Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Create It consistently work alongside leading domestic and international companies, maintaining top quality service and production standards.

With over 10 years experience, Create It’s expertise in the corporate sector enables smooth communication, realisation of ideas, and the implementation of productions that accomplish what we set out to achieve.

Our scope of work encompasses corporate documentaries, educational films, training videos, as well as all sorts of promotional and sales oriented productions. We have the experience, skills, equipment and strategy to make your production stand out in the crowd.


At Create It, we have developed and polished our pre-production methods so that the planning of your production not only covers all relevant aspects of your production meticulously, but also ensures any risks or issues are minimized when production begins.

Script writing and idea development, storyboarding, location scouting, permits, logistical planning etc are all managed seamlessly.

On the flipside, the Create It team’s passion for documentary has embedded a sixth sense of how to approach improvised situations and capture the action and emotions articulately without the need for extensive planning or directing. This form of production has enabled Create It to provide more cost-effective solutions for small businesses and educational institutions.

Post Production

The Create It ethic focuses on obtaining high production values and aesthetics for all of its productions, whether a 2-minute web video or a 40-minute documentary.

Our post-production suites are some of the most powerful machines available to the market, always running the latest and best software for the job.  All editing is carried out in full High Definition, with professional colour correction, colour grading, audio mixing and logo animation.

Delivery is made in whichever format you require, whether Blu-Ray, DVD, electronic file, web link etc.